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Virtual Surrealism

Born in Colombia, the contemporary artist Pablo Manrique, who lived in Guaratinguetá where he completed a work at the Frei Galvão Seminar before transferring residence and studio to the rural area in the climatic resort of Cunha, has a virtual exhibition - the "Resilience" organized by the Instituto Cervantes de Brasília, in collaboration with the embassies of Colombia and Spain. The premiere took place with an inaugural video on July 3, in the form of posts on the social media of the Instituto Cervantes of Brasília and also of the Spanish embassy in Brazil, which are publishing a painting of Pablo until the next 19th. The presence of this renowned artist in the region was described by art critic Walter Addeo, from the São Paulo Association of Art Critics (APCA) as “The Valley won, thus, a complete artist with a very personal work, with an exuberant color” and completed “Pablo Manrique is, above all, a color artist and the use of this intense color palette makes room for a dream unconscious, placing it in line with the best colorists on the continent. Echoes of Frida Kahlo, by Diego Rivera hover over these flowers, these vases, whose “detail” makes us think of the best of a jewelery art. "

Visit the virtual show “Resilience”, by Pablo Manrique to be followed at the online addresses:

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