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Exhibition "Colors of Silence" by Pablo Manrique

Directora del Instituto Cervantes en Brasilia Sra. Rosa Sánchez, embajador de Colombia Sr. Alejandro Borda, Pablo Manrique, ministro consejero de la embajada de España Sr. José Manuel Pascual García

With exhibitions including shows in Florence and presence at a collective in Paris, the artist Pablo Manrique, from Colombia, chose Brazil as his second country. Brazil won an artist who owns a very personal work, with an exuberant color. For the second time he exhibits his work in Brasilia. He divided this show of surreal expressionist character into some of the various themes he has worked on, thus showing his perfect mastery of styles.

Pablo Manrique is a legitimate representative of one of the most important aspects of Latin American art - magical realism. It is this artist and this work that are being presented to the public in Brasília through the support of the Instituto Cervantes and the Embassy of Colombia, on June 21, at the Institute's exhibition center.

Walter Cezar Addeo of APCA - São Paulo Association of Art Critics

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